Dental Care System in India for Dental Treatment

Oral health can impact our quality of life, appearance and self esteem so preventive dental visits can help in early detection of the oral diseases. To improve the oral health, proper awareness and education is required for the individuals. Our government is also doing good efforts for oral health awareness and education. Delhi is the capital of India and most of the people are living here so high level of dental treatment in Delhi is required at any cost.  Indian government has made a proper and successful oral health care system so that each and every people of India can access the dental care services by a best dentist in Delhi as well as India.

Condition of Dental Treatment in Delhi

As we all know that Delhi is a heart of India and a big part of population lives here, so dental care is one of the most important parts of the consideration in health care. Although there are lots of government dental colleges and hospitals which provides dental treatment in Delhi at free of cost but If someone want to get treatment in a private clinic, then there are numbers of private dental clinics available here. Lots of implantologist, orthodontists and surgeons are available at dental clinics in Delhi.

Let’s discuss Oral Health Care System in India-:

Oral health care system is distributed in the following categories

  • Government Organizations-:

    1. Government Dental Colleges
    2. Government Medical Colleges and Dental Wing
  • District Hospitals with Dental Unit

  1. Community Health Centers
  2. Primary Health Centers.
  • Non-governmental organizations

    1. Private Dental Colleges
    2. Private Medical Colleges with Dental Wing
    3. Corporate Hospitals with Dental Units.
  • Private practitioners

    1. Private dental practitioners
    2. Private dental hospitals
    3. Private medical hospitals with dental units.
  • Indigenous systems

    1. Ayurveda
    2. Sidda
    3. Unani
    4. Homeopathy

So above is the oral health care system in India, so forget your dental problems get ready to have dental treatment in India.

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