5 Common Problems after Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment (RCT) is the most common treatment for cavity. Some patients do not face any complications after root canal treatment but some patients have to face many problems such as pain post root canal, swelling and fractured tooth. So we will discuss some problems which people can face after RCT but you can reduce these problems if you choose a Best Dental Clinic in Delhi for RCT.

5 Common Problems after Root Canal Treatment Are:

  1. Tooth ache after Root canal treatment
  2. Swollen to the tooth: Sometimes tissues of tooth are severely inflamed, and then normal anaesthesia is not sufficient because acidic effect of inflammation, it decreases the effect of anaesthesia. So the heavy dose of anaesthesia have to given to the nerve which can create heavy pain in the infected tooth.
  3. Gas Pressure: After removing the tooth nerve by a dentist, gas pressure can be build up. This situation can disturb your normal life.
  4. Fracture of the Tooth: After root canal treatment patients need crowning because tooth structure gets brittle after root canal treatment.  So to maintain the tooth structure crown is important part of RTC.
  5. Impact on eating and Chewing Ability: After root canal treatment your teeth could not be that much strong as before. So you cannot eat hard eatables like gram and other nuts.

So I have discussed five problems after root canal treatment but a best dentist in Delhi can protect you from all these problems by providing painless RCT. Dr. Nikhil Sinha, is a best implant dentist in Delhi can help you in all kinds of dental problems.


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