Best Implant Dentist in Delhi offers an Alternative to Missing tooth

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As we all know that dental implants are the most superior option for replacement of missing tooth in these days. It offers the stability and comfort by providing strong support to the artificial tooth. Dental implants are the restoration that is closest thing to natural teeth. A Best Implant Dentist in Delhi can make you sure about the dental implant stability and success. Dental implants are manufactured to provide support to the artificial tooth and it looks like screws.

Dental Implants in Delhi

Dental implants in Delhi are used to provide experience like original/natural tooth. These are placed in upper and lower jawbones. Titanium and other well suited metals are use to made implants, so that it cannot create any kind of infection. Mostly people try to search experienced implant dentists in Delhi for this surgery. These are used from many decades and everyone like to choose dental implant for single or several tooth replacement.


Implant Dentist in Delhi

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How Dental Implant can improve the quality of your life?

Everyone has a right to live a quality life. According to me nothing can stop you from eating your favourite food but sometime missing tooth creates barriers b/w you and your favourite food. We all know that every problem has a solution but we have to make some efforts to resolve it. Dental Implant in Delhi is the superior solution to the missing tooth replacement. The main reason of the superiority of dental implant surgery is that it enhances the quality of life. A best implant dentist in Delhi can help you in improving your smile and healthy life.


Let’s discuss how dental implant improves the quality of our life-:

  1. Enhances the Confidence While Speaking of Smiling: Our smile is our identity because when we meet with someone first time, he/she remembers us by our simile. An attractive smile makes a positive impression on others but if we have a missing or damaged tooth then we can’t smile confidently. You can visit a best dental clinic in Delhi for an admirable consultation for your missing tooth.pic1
  2. It would work for Lifetime: Once your dental implant procedure has done, your dentist will instruct you about, how to take care of your new teeth. It is not so difficult to take care of it. It is just like natural teeth and you need to brush and floss regularly according to your dentist’s advice. Other tooth replacement options need proper maintenance and replacement after a particular time.
  3. You can Eat without Limitations: When have a missing teeth, then we notice that we can’t eat crispy fruits & vegetables, tough meets and chewy snacks etc. But after placing a dental implant you can eat each & everything without any limitations. It would work exactly like natural teeth.

So don’t think more, meet with Dr. Nikhil Sinha a best implant dentist in Delhi. You can directly visit our dental clinic, Dentistry Redefined or call us at +91 9999201572.

FAQs About Dental Implant in Delhi

Although dental implant surgery has become very famous treatment in these days for missing tooth replacement but lots of people have many questions in their mind so this article is related to frequently ask questions about dental implant surgery.

Let’s discuss some FAQs about dental Implant

Question1.  What is dental Implant?

Answer: Dental implants are the artificial tooth root which is replaced by natural tooth root to provide the strong base to the fix an artificial tooth permanently.

Question2: Who is the good candidate for Dental Implant?

Answer: Anybody who is having single, multiple or all missing tooth is a right candidate for dental implant in Delhi.

Question3:  What are the benefits of dental Implant surgery?

Answer: Dental implants are the permanent solution to the missing tooth. It needs one time investment and requires no maintenance cost. Enhance the eating and chewing ability. No fear of slipping into the mouth while eating or talking. A Best Implant Dentist in Delhi can do a successful and comfortable dental implant surgery.

Question4: What are the Disadvantages of Dental Implant?

Answer: There can be the possibility of infection, pain and inflammation but all these things can be managed by your prosthodontist and these are for specific situation. A best Dentist in Delhi can tell you each and every thing about this surgery and possible risks if any.

Question5: Are Dental Implants Removable?

Answer: Dental implants are not removable; these are solidly fixed so that these works like natural teeth.

So be prepare for dental implant surgery by a best implant dentist in Delhi. If still you have any query you can contact our consultant at +91 9999201572 or you visit directly to our dental clinic, Dentistry Redefined.

5 Common Problems after Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment (RCT) is the most common treatment for cavity. Some patients do not face any complications after root canal treatment but some patients have to face many problems such as pain post root canal, swelling and fractured tooth. So we will discuss some problems which people can face after RCT but you can reduce these problems if you choose a Best Dental Clinic in Delhi for RCT.

5 Common Problems after Root Canal Treatment Are:

  1. Tooth ache after Root canal treatment
  2. Swollen to the tooth: Sometimes tissues of tooth are severely inflamed, and then normal anaesthesia is not sufficient because acidic effect of inflammation, it decreases the effect of anaesthesia. So the heavy dose of anaesthesia have to given to the nerve which can create heavy pain in the infected tooth.
  3. Gas Pressure: After removing the tooth nerve by a dentist, gas pressure can be build up. This situation can disturb your normal life.
  4. Fracture of the Tooth: After root canal treatment patients need crowning because tooth structure gets brittle after root canal treatment.  So to maintain the tooth structure crown is important part of RTC.
  5. Impact on eating and Chewing Ability: After root canal treatment your teeth could not be that much strong as before. So you cannot eat hard eatables like gram and other nuts.

So I have discussed five problems after root canal treatment but a best dentist in Delhi can protect you from all these problems by providing painless RCT. Dr. Nikhil Sinha, is a best implant dentist in Delhi can help you in all kinds of dental problems.

Risks and Benefits of Dental Implant Surgery

Whenever people are planning for dental implant surgery, suggest then to think about their personal needs, goals and consider the risks & benefits of dental implant surgery’s procedure. As dental implants are surgically placed so they carry some risks also, so you need to understand the surgery risks and benefits before taking any step. These risks can be removed or minimized by a best implant dentist in Delhi like Dr. Nikhil Sinha.

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Main Risks of Dental Implant Surgery are:

  1. Perforation: Whenever a dentist try to place an implant into your jawbone, then sometimes adjacent anatomic structures get injured. This includes perforation of the maxillary sinus and many other problems.
  2. Infection: Infection is one of the considerable risks in dental implant surgery. Infection can be in any form of fistula, abscess, inflammation, suppuration, radiolucency etc. If you choose a best dental clinic in Delhi, then you can reduce this risk because they give you proper care.
  3. Excessive Bone Loss: Excessive bone loss can reduce the stability of dental implant so it requires the intervention.
  4. Excessive Bleeding
  5. Discomfort or pain
  6. Improper dental implant placement which can leads to the failure.
  7. Damage the blood vessels or nerves

Benefits of Dental Implant:

  1. Permanent solution
  2. Long lasting
  3. Increase the chew and eating ability.
  4. No maintenance cost required

So get prepare for dental implant surgery by a best dentist in Delhi. For more details you can contact us at +91 9999201572 or directly visit our dental clinic, Dentistry Redefined.

Important Tips for Choosing a Best Dentist in Delhi

Don’t do hurry, take your time and choose a best dentist in Delhi. Keep some important points in your mind while going to a dentist for dental treatment.

Tips to Choose a Best Dentist in Delhi

  1. Professional Qualification: Ask about dentist’s training and infection control policies. Check out dentist’s degree and other training details but if staff is not comfortable in answering your question or you are not satisfied with their answers, then you should consider finding another dentist. I recommend you to go to a best dental clinic in Delhi for best dental treatment and dentist.
  2. Treatment Cost: Ask about different payment options like credit card, debit card and cash etc. Does he accept your dental insurance? If you don’t have dental insurance, then this is affordable or not.
  3. Location and Office hours: Always try to choose a dentist near to your home so that you can visit your dentist easily. Dental clinic’s working hours should match to your schedule so that you can get an appointment according to your comfort.
  4. Verify with State Licensing Board: Most of the state dental boards have websites where you can verify your dentist license whether he is licensed dentist or not.  If any complain or any dispute is associated with him or not.
  5. Your Personal Comfort: One of the main important factors is your personal comfort. Are you comfortable in asking & explaining the question and your problems with the dentist?

Above are the main important tips to choosing a best dentist in Delhi. In case you are looking for a best implant dentist in Delhi, you need to be very careful.

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Regular Dental Check up Recommended by a Best Dentist in Delhi

Regular dental check up is important for your dental health. You should visit your dentist every 6 month. Your dental check up allow your dentist to find out if you have any dental problem in your teeth so that he can help you to keep your mouth healthy. If you are living in Delhi, then you should choose a best dentist in Delhi like Dr. Nikhil Sinha. Untreated dental problems can lead tooth pain, gum infection, cavity and tooth decay etc.

dental x ray

What a Best Dentist in Delhi do in Dental Check Up?

  1. You dentist will ask you about your dental health, how your teeth have been since your last visit etc. If you are taking any medicine, then he can ask about medicines and changed medicines.
  2. He will thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth, gums and tongue.
  3. If any treatment, X-Ray or medicine is required, then carry those.
  4. Recommend you for next visit according to your dental health.

Although you brush your teeth thoroughly and routinely still you need to visit your dentist for regular dental check up. He will not only treat your dental problems but also detect early signs of dental problems like gum infection & tooth decay. You should always go to a best dental clinic in Delhi like Dentistry Redefined.


What is Dental Treatment in Delhi?

Whenever you will go your dentist for routine check up, then he will recommend you some dental treatment if required. It can include X-ray, filling, cleaning and other dental treatments according to your dental health. If you require dental implant in Delhi, then you should always go to a best implant dentist in Delhi, otherwise you could face some critical problem with your dental health.